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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Do your job!


            It has become a familiar scene for the fans of the National Football League and particularly, the fans of the New England Patriots: entering into or often well into the 4th quarter of the contest and the Patriots are tied or trailing on the score board and all eyes are fixed upon the now legendary coach, possessor of eight Super Bowl rings with six as head coach,  who now is walking in front of the bench where  his offense or defensive players  are resting and waiting for the next turn of events that will send them back into battle. What great words of wisdom and inspiration will Bill Belichick grab out of his great reservoir of tricks and knowledge gathered over a life time devoted to learning the game of football? In times like this, N.E. fans know that it will not be out of the big bag of tricks to which he will go but the wise coach will again pull from his favorite little purse just the same 4 words that have been his rallying cry throughout his unprecedented coaching career, “Just do your job.” 

            Implied and well known to any who have played for or served with the coach in these 4 words of exhortations is: we don’t have to change a thing, you know your job just make plays, trust the process, don’t worry about what the others are doing, if you all do your job the process will take care of the rest- “Just do your job.” The true key to unparalleled success, can it really be that simple? Of course, these players have been especially selected for the good works and put together precisely with other players to accomplish the coaches goal. Therefore, their focus and concern need only be “Just do your job.”

            These 4 simple words can be a helpful reminder and rallying cry for the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Too often we get caught up looking around to see what others are doing, instead of having faith in the process and focusing on what we are given to do. We lose focus when we look up at the score board to see where we are. We have expectations of what results we should be seeing at this time from all our “good works” and can begin to question the process when it appears that the scoreboard shows us trailing even now, late in the 4th quarter.  Our expectations and scoreboard watching are harmful distractions to our just doing our job. This is inevitable as our expectations are set within the very finite vision of our life time while God is exhorting and using us to see and play for His life time, eternity. 

            With billions or even trillions of moving parts happening simultaneously at any one time to accomplish the multifaceted intensions of His grace for some 7 billion people, it Is highly unlikely that we ever know exactly all that God is accomplishing with the “good works” He has planned for us to do. It is only occasional when we even understand all that He is doing in our own lives. We need simply keep the faith and of course “Just do your job” which includes but not limited to: throw the seed of the Gospel message, use what is in your hands, (EX14:16&21), live your epistle louder than you recite it, and know that irrespective of what the scoreboard your observing may say at this time, believe in the process because the game has already been won.

            The Christians “process” or game plan to follow is God’s marvelous plan of salvation, His eternal purpose in Jesus Christ. They are not the plans of a great coach who wins 69% of the time but the 100% sure desire and purpose of the Keeper and Creator of the universe, the heavens and earth- God, The Almighty. 
He devised the plan before the world began (1Pet1:19-21) (Eph1:4,5), knows the end from the beginning (Isa46:10) and can neither lie (Tit1:2), nor fail (Isa55:11). 
He has selected you for these “good works” (Eph2:10) and placed you where you are to work them (1Cor12:18).  
You have been selected by the Owner/Head Coach of the universe, shown, trained and experienced the great Plan of Salvation. The process doesn’t only work but the game has already been won. Our Captain, Jesus Christ has already won the game on the Cross at Calvary. 

            There is still one question to be answered: Where will you be? Will you be among the cheering, grateful fans on earth or will you become the co-heir you’ve been called to be and reign in “glory, honor and immortality” as a part of the Bride of Christ? Stay focused and “Just do your job!”

                                                                                                         Br. Bruce

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  1. Bruce this certainly hits home in our family. Great post. Thank you and God Bless.